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Workplace Wellness

"Steps Out" has a new exciting Workplace Wellness Program. Any company or group, anywhere in the world can set up their own, individualized Workplace Wellness program.This is meant for small groups of up to 50 members.There is no provision for sub groups, for multiople groups you would need to go with the full program.

The "Steps Out Workplace Wellness" handles the heavy lifting of your program, so you people can concentrate on adding value added events and contests. The program is built so that it is easily customizable by people with average computer skills that have never done any website programming before.

What You Get:
1. An intereactive webmap for each participant.
2. Three internal webpages for your group or workplace, with an easy to use editor.
3. Administration section for planning contests, and viewing statistics of those in your group.
4. Maps & Graphs that compare your groups to others in the system.
5. Prizes - your participants automatically qualify for all prizes offered by StepsOut.com.

Price: $200.00 per year to be part of the Walk Around Europe general program. If your group or workplace is part of a community walking program please contact your administrator of your local walking program for pricing, ranges from free and up.

1. Sample of a Map

Each map program is carefully designed to provide each user a unique experience as they virtually walk the route on the map. As they come to landmarks, interactive pop-ups give them feedback about the area they are travelling through. The Europe Map is made up of 5 smaller maps which give greater detail, as well as a smaller map which gives the overall feedback as to where they are in relation to the overall picture.

Participants can log in over 60 different activities in addition to the steps from the pedometer. They can enter in Wii sports, gardening, housework, and a wide range of other sports and activities. Each participant manages their own account and can update their personal information, and view their own statistics. We are continually updating our program, and welcome suggestions because that is what is making our program the Best on the Web.


2. Internal Workplace Wellness Pages

The First page displays the top groups in your program by participation, as well as a map of your average walker, based on the number of participant you have and the steps they have taken in the previous week.

The bottom of the page is yours to customize as you like. Our easy to use web editor allows you to upload photos and graphics and format your text to truly customize your workplace wellness program.

You can easily add your company logo to the top of the webpage, helping to maintain your company branding.

You also get 2 other internal web pages which you can customize to suit your needs. Use it for Special Events, Prizes, Contests, or just to let the winners brag. These pages can only be seen by the people in your group.

3. Administration Section

This easy to use section has help files to assist you as you manage your workplace wellness program. You can easily see the position of each participant, when they last logged in, and by going to the report section, you can extract data, and create reports based on selected criteria.

Please feel free to contact us at 250-490-4045 if you have any further questions. You can also email us at Steps Out.

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