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Who's on Top?

Penticton ~ Still ON TOP 2009!- This was Penticton's 4th race across Canada to celebrate Move forHealth Day. This year they competed against their previous record. Check it out here.

The format was different this year because Move for Health Day was on Sunday - Mother's Day. This year events to celebrate Move For Health Day counted from May 4th to May 12th at noon. Steps from Steps Out were added automatically. If you did an event specifically for "Move For Health Day" in the week leading up to or after May 10th, the information was recorded

In 2008 - 3836 participants in Penticton logged 26,855,723 steps, an increase over 2007 when 2371 participants stepped 16,020,087 times. In 2006 - 1143 participants stepped 10,389,301 steps. In 2008 they beat Armstrong and in 2007 they beat the Burnaby Goliath.

The May 10th Move for Health Day Activity Schedule which outlined the free activities is available at the Penticton Community Centre and online at Get Active Penticton.  Free activities were offered such as swimming, drop-in gym times and various fitness classes throughout the community. Anyone getting active phoned in
or logged in their info so their activities could be translated in to steps on the “Cross Canada” map. See our city’s progress across Canada throughout the days and let’s beat last years record of more than 27 million steps. For more information contact the community centre at 250-490-2426.

For More information about the challenge contact support@stepsout.com.

Any existing Steps Out Program can join in on May 10th, 2010 for the challenge for no additional charge.

Click here to see the final results from May 10th, 2007 as we see Penticton Pummeled Burnaby. Other communities are welcome to join for May 10th 2010 by contacting support@stepsout.com.

Play By Play: May 10th, 2007:

10:30 am - While Penticton was off to an early start, Burnaby is in the lead.
12:30 pm - Penticton is Pushing Burnaby Now. Wow, they are almost at Winnipeg, 2 provinces over from Burnaby. But Penticton better watch out when Burnaby starts putting in special events from schools and workplaces.
3:00 pm - Penticton gets to Sudbury Ontario as Burnaby gets near to Calgary Alberta.
4:00 pm - Looks like Penticton is going to have dinner in Montreal this year, they are ahead of last year.
5:30 pm - Burnaby is catching up they are in Ontario and on course for dinner in Thunder Bay. Keep putting those steps in.

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