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What Is Steps Out?

Steps Out is a unique web log-in/tracking system developed by Edis Computers of Penticton that makes it exciting for participants and EASY for organizers to enter their steps and activity each day and see on a map the equivalent distance they have traveled.

People all over British Columbia are Stepping Out with this Unique, Creative Web Solution that allows the participant to see in a visual way the progress they are making towards a common destination.

There is a buzz around town as people compare the kilometers they have travelled and the cities they have reached.

The independent nature of the program and the use of creative web service make the Steps Out Program easy to coordinate, thus giving the organizers time to create value added healthy living opportunities. In Penticton, Group walks like “Saturday mornings with the Mayor”, and the “Easy Rock Walk” kick-off the fall and spring seasons. Many of these have kept going as people got to know each other. Other organizers have used "Pins" from Cities along the way, and corporate prizes as ways of motivating their steppers.

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Our Provincial Government issued a challenge to all British Columbians last year with “Legacies Now” – the challenge to get B.C. fit and healthy by the 2010 Olympics.

Towns, Cities and Businesses throughout the Province have addressed this challenge in different ways, and here in Penticton they introduced the Penticton “Steps Out” Program. Their success was rewarded with the “Excellence in Innovation Award” from the CPRA.

A unique web log-in tracking system developed and provided by EDIS Computers makes it exciting for participants and easy for organizers. Site users have the ability to log in and enter their steps each day and see on a map the equivalent distance they have traveled. The site also gives data about their progress, including total number of steps and the equivalent distance in kilometers. Reasons for this ongoing success are as follows:-

1) The website is Personal.

2) The website is Visual and Measurable

3) The website is Interactive, and very Motivational.

4) The website gives immediate gratification.

5) The website makes the participant accountable.

Today, there are thousands of steppers, including kids from schools, seniors, people in business and families who are “Stepping Out” on a regular basis and logging their progress on their own personal website. It’s exciting to use your pedometer, and the website to gain control your own physical fitness. It's fun and habit-forming. And best of all the login system makes it easy to use and is low maintenance for IT Staff as well.

We at EDIS Computers are happy to give you this opportunity to generate desire in your organization to become more physically active, and enjoy the benefits that go along with it. Continue looking over this site and you will get a realization of what action can be generated in a short time.

This success can be duplicated, and your organization can benefit by using our program.

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