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Final Stats for Move For Health Day 2009

2009, 2895 participants, 19,734,875 steps, not bad for a Sunday
2008, 3836 participants, 26,855,723 steps
2007, 2371 participants, 16,020,087 steps
2006, 1143 participants, 10,389,301 steps

From the Penticton Western News - May 1, 2009

As this day coincides with Mother’s Day, celebrate the occasion by inspiring your mom to participatein an activity of her choice. Even better, participate with her and enjoy the quality family time.
Workplaces, agencies, families, church groups, etc. are all encouraged to plan a group activity to inspire colleagues, friends and family to get active on this day or the week leading up to May 10.
Physical activity — taking a walk, riding a bike, dancing or playing — simply makes you feel better. Increasing to regular activity brings about many other benefits. It not only has the potential to improve and maintain good health, but it can also bring with it important social and economic benefits.
Since 2002, the World Health Organization has promoted Move For Health Day as a global day of physical activity. Forty-seven percent of British Columbians are not active enough to achieve the health benefits of regular activity. We need the entire community to help raise awareness of physical activity as essential to health and well-being.
Last year, almost 4,000 Penticton residents participated in local Move For Health Day activities which translated in over 26 million steps. Again this year, thanks to Edis Computers, we will be tracking our community’s activity on an interactive map as we virtually race across Canada against other B.C. communities.
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