Who's on Top?

On May 10th Penticton and Burnaby raced across Canada. Whichever City was ahead had their map displayed on top. Penticton Pummeled Burnaby this year, but next year Goliath may defeat David. This is the second year that BC residents have logged their steps and activities at www.stepsout.com to see how quickly they can get from Penticton to St. Johns Newfoundland on May 10th, Move for Health day. We hope this will continue with more communities becoming involved each year.

Watch the exciting action on May 10th, 2008 to we see if Burnaby Bashes Penticton or Penticton Pummels Burnaby. Other communities are welcome to join by contacting support@stepsout.com.

Official Steps:

Penticton = 16,269,303 steps

Burnaby = 10,758,700 steps