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Free Body Mass Index calculator. Free Body Mass Indes Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you calculate the equivalency for the activity?

The steps are based on a calculation of the average calorie expenditure based on 3 separate studies/compilations), converted to METs and then to a numeric value which is based on a 180 lb person. Where we couldn't find a medical study the calorie expenditure was converted to METs. The intensity levels are based mainly on the Borg 15-point RPE scale.

The studies/compilations/information are found at:

http://www.kuntotestaus.net (Norwegian)

2. How do I get removed/added from/to the Automatic Email List?

Log into your account, and click on the link to edit your profile on the right side of your map. Check or uncheck the box that indicates if you want to receive or not receive Steps Out information from your administrator.

3. How Do We Get the Workplace/Group Wellness Program?

Contact the administrator of your stepsout program and they can contact us to have it added to their program. They can then add groups withing their community or company as they wish. There is usually an additional charge as they will need to help you with the setup and implementation. The usual fee is $100 per workplace or group. If you are an administrator and wish to add Workplace/Group Wellness please contanct support@stepsout.com

4. How Do I Sign Up?

Check the list on the main page and see if you community has a stepsout program. In the event that they don't feel free to sign up under stepsout.com/europe and sign up for free. If you have a pedometer, GREAT!, if you don't, doesn't matter now that we have made a converter with over 50 activities you can select. The main thing is to get out there, and get more active. Anytown is currently walking around Europe.

Updated April 23, 2008

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