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The Steps Out Program would not be the success and fun it is today without the input and ideas from many people. Thank You all for your input. If anyone has ideas please send us an email and they will be sincerely considered.
Steps Out Program
Thanks to the staff at the Community Centre in the City of Penticton, especially Bob Pope and Dave Wilson for working with us to create "Penticton Steps Out", a program that has grown over the years and that is motivating people around the world to get more active and Step Out of their comfort Zone.
Workplace Wellness/ Group Wellness
Thanks to Steps Out Sparwood for being the beta testers for our Workplace Wellness Program. We appreciate their input and their patience in getting the system up and running.
Fit Tips
Thank you to the organizers at Highway to Health - Greater Victoria for suggesting the Fit Tip Pop-Ups. These are the hints that pop up each time you log in to your "Steps Out" program. Thank You to Kick it up Kitimat for adding their contributions to increase the number of Fit Tips.
Short Survey - How You Heard About The Program
Thanks to Highway to Health - Greater Victoria for requesting the short survey for the registration page. This helps the administrators evaluate what marketing helping the most, and where to concentrate their efforts.
Long Health & Activity Survey
Thanks to Highway to Health - Greater Victoria for requesting the long health survey for the registration page. This helps the program administrators evaluate the facilities and programs in their area and adjust them to the needs of their people.
Additional Activities in the Activity Converter
Thanks to all of you who have suggested additional activities. Within reason, we try to add all of them, there are now over 80 activities. A special Thank You to the gentleman in Victoria who suggested adding the Wii activities, because of the increased use by seniors and seniors centres. Wow! Who would have guessed this would be so popular with the over 70 crowd.
Thanks to Steps Out Sparwood for helping us by suggesting and testing the Pop-Up system for us.
Thanks to Kick It Up Kitimat for helping us by suggestion the PARQ be part of the program, to ensure everyone is well enough to use the program.

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