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I was speaking with my mother who lives outside Honolulu. Their church is sponsoring a Walk to Bethlehem to get people out and walking. My Mom was keen to sign up, because she had heard all about my walk to Vegas last year. So, thought you would like to know that folks everywhere are planning walks. Keep up the good work.

Thank you to you and your volunteers for coming up with the fantastic contents - Walking to Las Vegas and the new Hawaii trip - I have joined many programs but find that I lose interest within weeks - not because the gyms do not have good programs but because it truly just gets boring - but your programs are keeping me pumped and I hope to see more in the future.

“ I joined Penticton Steps Out at the beginning. I feel much better with the exercise and both my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have lowered because of the exercise I am getting.”

“Thanks Bob! The Penticton Steps out Program has really helped to motivate me to walk more. I have walked more than 300 km since I joined on February 22, 2006. I am rarely without my pedometer on. I am 72 years old and this program got me off the couch. I will try and join more programs in the future.”

“In January of 2006 I was at the swimming pool with my grandchildren and heard about the Penticton Steps Out program. 10,000 steps seemed an awful lot and it was a rare and celebrated day when I achieved that number of steps. Slowly I got hooked and started to find ways to make walking part of my daily routine. I took the suggestion of walking each of the aisles when shopping for groceries. That added on the steps and I disciplined myself not to look at the food displayed. When going down town I parked my car at the Library and walked the rest of the way. I then began to find excuses to walk to the mall or to mail a letter etc.”

“Then a friend encouraged me to sign up for a PSO lesson on pole walking (As a PSO participant, I had the benefit of attending this workshop for free!) After biting the bullet and purchasing a pair of poles, I was off. Now I am hooked. In fact, I would no more miss my pole walk each day than I would skip a meal. Now that the weather has warmed up and the sun is up earlier I am out well before breakfast - and there is a whole hoard of other people out there getting active too."

"The pounds took time to drop off in the beginning, but since I became really committed, the pounds started to melt away with very little change to my eating habits. I have more energy - and have a definite routine to include walking and hiking into my day. There is something about wearing that pedometer that keeps me committed. Now, at 68 years young, I would encourage anyone to never consider themselves too old to get out and enjoy our beautiful Valley.”

“Thank you for getting me involved in this program. As a past Councillor I had the invitation to attend and participate in the ‘Penticton Steps Out’ project. Former Mayor Perry was an active promoter as well and I thought that it wouldn’t do me any harm to try it out. In addition, as the recipient of a ‘stent’ some years ago, I need the exercise, so it is with pleasure that I try to compete against myself. Some days I don’t feel like it, but when I see how little I have moved that day, I force myself to do some walking to bring myself at least to the daily average I have accumulated. Now that I no longer sit in meetings all day, I seem to be able to reach my daily average much more easily and I am trying to bring the average to a higher level.”

“Let’s set a provincial record in fitness with the help of the Penticton Steps Out Program.”

Gus Boersma

“I am in my 80’s and want to tell you that you have changed my life. My family are so proud of me! My family across Canada now have access to my web page and the password to check up on me. They are always encouraging me and when I don’t enter a lot of steps in a day they want to know why.”

“I joined the Penticton Steps Out program after my husband passed away. Everyone told me to step forward and not step backward. This is why I joined the program and got my step counter. I now know every day that I am moving forward because I can actually count my steps. I definitely know the days that I am not going forward, simply because there are no steps there to record. I will recommend this program to anyone.”

“This is my second year of Steps Out and I love it! I'm not a gym person, but walking fits my interests and lifestyle so well. We're in a small enough city that I really can WALK to work, to church, the bank, many stores..... Just plan a little extra time, and that little pedometer will reward you! I have found it makes me think a little differently now, too. Instead of looking for shortcuts, I now find myself looking for ways to take a longcut! No more elevators. Don't worry about parking near the store's front door--park far away and get more steps!! Or don't take the darn car at all! All the faster to move down that map. Isn't it amazing how far you can go in only a few months! It's a great program and I haven't tired of it at all. I just want to see if I can keep upping my daily average. I broke the 10,000 barrier this year, so maybe next year..... And an added bonus is that the dog sure loves it too! Keep up the good work.”

“I am a 73 year old with two knee replacements. Since September 26, 2005 I have walked 2494.3 kms. as part of the Penticton Steps Out program. Many of these kilometers were walked in Ireland in May of 2006!
Two years ago my accomplishments would have been impossible. Thanks Bob!”

“The pedometer is a great incentive to get people walking. Regular walking then triggers an easy weight loss program. My husband and myself have a friendly competition by comparing our steps at the end of our work day and again on the weekend. It's Fun!!”

“I have been a member of the Steps Out program since its inception; which I guess must be two years ago. I was active before but with the use of the pedometer it makes me go even further. I try and spend 60 minutes in the pool five days a week. I run 4 kilometers every morning to get there and back again. That’s the start of my day. I have a mountain bike which I ride at least two hours per day but usually longer. My most recent accomplishment was to bike Penticton to Oliver and back. That counted for quite a few steps. I rarely use my car anymore unless there’s too much to carry or if I’m going out of town. I always have a little competition with myself going on in my head. I want to do a little more today after all there is someone counting."

"Don’t try and find as many reasons as you can not to move your body – Just do it. Also remember to start your car once a week or you’ll have a dead battery. Thanks to Penticton Steps Out for making that extra mile seem like fun.”

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