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As of 2006 all new maps include:

Steps Out Motivational Programs - We now have 3 options for programs to motivate your staff or group. All maps have between 20 and 100 geographic pop-ups with photos and links.

1. Full Program - Customized Map with Your Logo Including Workplace Wellness. Choose from one of several stock maps (Great Britain, Jamaica, Hawaii, Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, Capital Cities of Canada, Rocky Mountains, Europe) : $2,150 (annual hosting fee $150.00)

2. Workplace Wellness - Europe - Small groups of up to 50 may join as a group for $200 per year. Groups of up to 250 would be $350, and groups of up to 500 would be $500. Groups of up to 1000 would be $750, and up to 2500 would be $1,000.
Maps include Great Britain, Capitalize on Canada Jamaican Island Trek, Hawaiian Island Trek & Europe. Email us at info@stepsout.com or phone us at 250-490-4045 for further details.

3. Individuals may join the Jamaican Island Trek or the Hawaiian Island Trek for $10.00 per year.

The winner of the May 2014 prize was from the Fraser Valley in British Columbia
The Original Steps Out Program
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Since The Program Began in 2003

07 April 2011, 9:00 am



. . . . . . 55,698
Cities, Businesses & Organizations

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Steppers from more than 42 countries world wide.

People on every continent in the world are using Steps Out.com

The true success of any idea is people will start to copy you. EDIS Computers are the original developers of the Steps Out Interactive Mapping Program. While not every program is known as "Steps Out" they all use the same mapping system. Other programs go under the names "Kick It Up Kitimat", "Highway to Health", "Walking Works", "On The Move", "Step Into Action" and "Get Active."

People all over the world are Stepping Out to New York, Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, China, Russia, and Europe with this Unique, Creative Web Solution that allows the participant to see in a visual way the progress they are making towards a common destination.

The independent nature of the program and the use of creative web service make the Steps Out Program easy to coordinate, thus giving the organizers time to create value added healthy living opportunities. In Penticton, Group walks like “Saturday mornings with the Mayor”, and the “Easy Rock Walk” kick-off the fall and spring seasons. Many of these have kept going as people got to know each other. Other organizers have used "Pins" from Cities along the way, and corporate prizes as ways of motivating their steppers. On Vancouver Island a community has put a large copy of the map in their centre and participants can put a flag indicating their position.

The common thread between all these fantastic walking programs is that their technology is delivered by EDIS computers. They have the knowledge, experience and creativity to motivate your participants.

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